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The THUSA Group is a collection of specialist companies each focused on a particular aspect of Information Technology. The companies are run and staffed by likeminded people all sharing the same value systems and core focus.

THUSA Group Companies are committed to assisting clients in achieving their business objectives through consistent delivery of high-quality, value-driven products, services and technology solutions.

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Tailor-made information technology solutions that offer our clients choice, best-fit solutions and value for money are the cornerstone of our business. In achieving this objective THUSA Group Companies source competitive solutions from likeminded partners and suppliers then uniquely bundle these to meet our clients’ specific business needs.

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The THUSA Group’s philosophy is to build competencies from within, under the auspices of existing Group Companies, then create focused companies to further grow and excel in that particular competency. Operating in similar yet distinct market spaces, each Group Company is dynamic and has the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions, while being staffed and run by suitably qualified likeminded individuals that best understand the respective companies’ focus.

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